Weathered Felt Road Systems

We had a number of customers request a weathered version of our felt road system as they felt our present road system feels and look too new. We now have weathered roads available, although not listed in our purchasing pages. To purchase, just send us a price request to: Eric Hotz. Shipping to anywhere in the world is both fast and in expensive.

We will update our purcahses pages soon to reflect the availablity of this new product!

Below are a few photo examples of our weather road system. With our 6mm roadway set, you get 27 feet of roads (2 inch wide); our 25mm roadway set No.5 gives you over 33 feet of roads (6 inches wide). Other road scales will be made available in the new year and will also be available weathered or non-weathered.

Due to the heavy number of orders we normally receive before Christmas, we haven't had time to update our pricing pages. However, the pricing of the weathered roadways is: for 25mm scale roadways: is an additional $10 for Set No.1 through No.3 and $15 additional for Sets No.4 and No.5. For 6mm road sets, there is an additional $10 fee. To order weathered roads, either 25mm or 6mm scale, please send us a price quote request and we will include the shipping options. In most cases, shipping costs are minimal, even for world wide shipping and the roads can be shipping boxed and rolled anywhere in the world.

More photos are available at the Felt Roadway Photo Gallery

Send questions, comments or suggestions to: Eric Hotz