Unpaved Roads and Verges
Verges are the edges of a road or pathway. Verges may or may not contain vegetation such as tall grasses, shrubs, etc.

For gaming purposes, it is not necessary to having flocking along the edges of your roadways, although many people prefer that their roadway system do have verges. We have had more customers request that their roads not have verges added than to have their purchases with verges. This may be because they do not want verges on their road systems or it can be because they prefer to flock their road systems themselves so the flocking will better match their game terrain/layout/game mat. The flocking we use matches our Earth Green/Green Planet game mats perfectly and for desert roadways we use a slightly lighter green mix.

Center Verges
Verges found in the center of roadways is actually a modern occurrence starting around World War One (The First World War/The Great War). Soon after the war, many military trucks were sold to various civilian transportation companies, along with continued production of military trucks for civilian use. There was a littleral explosion of trucks in the world. This changed the nature of the market place and also changed dirt/gravel roads. Prior to 1910, all traffic in the industrial areas had been by horse draw, horse-powered, vehicles. Horses tended to walk in the center of the roadways ensuring that center verges would not form. However, when the world switched to automobiles, the center of the lanes/roadways started to receive less and less wear. As a result, center verges started to become more and more common. In fact, today, logging and mining companies operating in the back, rural areas, have to routinely grade their roads to prevent center verges from forming.

What does this mean?
Generally, if you are playing games that are pre-1910, it is better to use roadways without center verges. Just use roadways without verges or with verges along the edges. Post 1918 games is really up to you. It only takes three or four years for a center verge to start forming and without maintenance, the center verge can almost take over the roadway. Constant vehicle traffic will cut the vegetation down to around 8 or so inches high, but it will not eliminate the center verge unless the roads are sprayed with weed-killing chemicals or the road is maintained via constant grading/maintenance.

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