Flexible Product:
   The road ways are flexible. They will follow the contours of your gaming table perfectly. If the product should develop a fold or crease, which is not common, these can ironed out easily and quickly.

All Roadways Are Pre-Colored and Pre-Cut:
    All of our road systems are ready to use right out of the package. You do not need to paint or cut the product out. The product is perfect from the moment you take it out of its package. Because the material is felt based, you can, quite easily with a good pair of scissors, reshape the road sections to better fit your gaming needs. Easy and quick to do.

Great Earth Tone Colors:
    The road system mats colors were specifically chosen because they are the colors most gamers need for their games. In some cases, the specific colors had to be created following intricate formulas, some of the pigments had to be ordered specifically from distant suppliers just to obtain that "perfect" colors that gamers need.
             Note: We can do custom colors; if you do not see the color roadway you need, we can probably make it for you.

Shipping Costs When Ordering:
   No matter how many road base sets or sections you order, even if you order several different types of Unpaved Road systems (example: ordering Dir Planet Roads and Melting Snow Roads), you only pay the low shipping rates once.

   All our unpaved road systems can be made with Verges including the 0.5 Inch (14mm) wide roadways -- for the half-inch width roads with verges, please ask for a price quote. These are time consuming to make on a demand basis due to their small size/width -- we can make these but prefer to schedule them in rather than get swamped with orders for this product. Click here to learn What is a Verge?

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