The Ocean Front Game Mat
We had a customer request an Ocean Front game mat. The customer wanted this game mat to be 72 x 36 inches without a hex or square grid. The customer wanted a beach front mat that could be placed over his Dirt Planet game mat, but to have the ocean wrap around the craters on the mat. In other words, he wanted an ocean front mat that could overlaid onto of another mat, but to make the two look as if they were one single mat. We liked the results so much that we made one for ourselves! The customer was charged $35.99 for this custom mat (included a custom fee).

The below photographs show the final custom game mat just prior to shipping it to the customer. He ordered his Dirt Planet game mat (72x90 inches) at the same time, which made integrating the two mats easier. The ocean front mat had to merge with the terrain features (the craters) on the dirt planet mat. The customer was very pleased once he received his new game mats.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these game mats, send us an email requesting a price quote. We will send you a price quote, including all shipping options, and if this is OK, we can send you a PayPal invoice, or you may pay via check (USA/Canadian customers only) or using an International Money Order. Also note that this mat can have a hex or square grid printed onto it.

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