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Arnica Real Estate: The BEST 28mm scale resin caste Wild West building models available today. Recreate your favorite western TV/movie town for display or wild west shoot'em up games. This is a very impressive product line.

UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS: STARFLEET DIVISION. Advanced Technical Specifications for the Nova-Class Production Vehicle. The technical manual of the Scout/Surveyor USS Nova Class -- 4MB PDF file produced by: Lawrence J. Cohen

Fight's On! provides quality wargaming products that can be used across a variety of gaming genres. Their goal is to eliminate pre-game hassles and preparations to allow gamers to just play and enjoy the hobby.

Star Combat News: The best place Online to find the latest information on all types of Sci-Fi gaming from minitures to rule systems.

Day of Battle: Day of Battle is a miniatures rule set that allows you to raise and then lead an army of soldiers in the feudal and Medieval periods. Ground scale is 10 yards to the inch. The focus of the game is the Warlord.

The Dom's Decals: Dom makes decals/transfers for 1/600th and 1/300th aircraft, 15mm scale WW2 Markings (mostly British, but also Finnish), and a few sheets of 1/56th (28mm scale) WWII. More will doubtless follow.

22AD is a group with a serious interest in ancient and medieval artillery. The group is run by Murray Hill who is a student at Massey University studying for a BA in Classical Studies and History.

Hydra Miniatures: Hydra Miniatures is the manufacturer of unique fantasy and science fiction miniatures and publishes the excellant Sci-Fi ship-to-ship game: War Rocket.

Two ordinary fathers living in a corner of the UK, in an ordinary town, in an ordinary street, full of ordinary houses. But every 2 weeks, something extraordinary takes place...

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