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The photos on this page were taken on the evening of August 12th, 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The rules system we use is a modified version of the original 1979 edition of the Sci-Fi tank game: MAATAC (the modified version is a faster paced, fun, fierce playing game). This game scenario pitted the Carnivores, the Entomolians, the Terrans and the Aquarians against each other.

The miniatures shown in the below photographs are all 1/285th scale, including the terrain (trees, resin building models, rough terrain markers, roads, etc). The game mat used in this game, the Dirt Planet Cratered Game Mat is produced by Hotz Mats

"The Entomolian force moves across the terrain -- dust clouds can be seen behind the vehicles moving faster than 5 inches."

"All four Alien Races converge on the objective: The refinery."

"Terrans moving toward their opponents."

"A squad of four Terran Monarch Tanks moving through woods."

"The Aquarians moving forward"

"The Entomolian force maneuvering to attack."

"Entomolian tanks: The Hell Beetle (left) and two Fire Ants (right)"

"The Aquarian forces in the foreground moving towards the Terran forces."

"A squadron of four Aquarian Snapper tanks"

"The Carnivore forces maneuvering."

"The Carnivore taking cover in the woods."

"Three Carnivore vehicles: The Gnasher and two Fang tanks"

"Two main Carnivore battle tanks: The Pouncher (left) and the Stalker (right)"

"The Aquarians engaging the Terrans: many vehicles can be seen burning on both sides at this point"

"The Carnivores hammering it out with the Entomolians."

"Overview of the last turn of the game. The Entomolians have suffered few casualties at this point."

"Two Entomolian Fire Ant tanks."

"Entomolian tanks moving to engage the Carnivore forces."

After Game Comments:

The Aquarian and Terran forces hammered away at each other for several turns, closing the distance to a mere 8 inches at one point. As a result, both sided suffered at least 75% casualties. In the meanwhile, the Carnivore were fighting a long range fire fight with the Entomolians in which the Entomolians slowly came out ahead. In the end, the Carnivores, the Terrans and the Aquarians suffered heavily, whereas the Entomolians had only one vehicle destroyed. The Entomolians were the clear winners of this game scenario. A special Medal of Honor goes to the crews of the Terran ACPs, who seeing an opportunity, came out of hiding at full speed and managed to finish off a couple of damaged Aquarian Snapper tanks. Although damaged, the Terran APCs did manage to survive the game.

As with the last game we put on at the Trumpeter Wargame Society, the game mat became the focus of this game. The game drew a small crowd, and a lot of positive comments! Again several people had to touch the Dirt Planet game mat to make sure the craters were in fact 2D "art", not 3D models. Even up close, it looks like a 3D terrain piece not a flat felt game mat.

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