Red Sand Blue Sky Arena Game Mat Sizes:
Large Arena Mat Size: 23.5 x 23.5 Inch (59 x 59cm) (approx.)
Small Arena Mat Size: 14 x 14 Inch (35 x 35cm) (approx.)

Deluxe and Standard Game Mat Versions:
Red Sand Blue Sky game mats are available in two versions: Standard or Deluxe. The Deluxe RSBS game mat is a 7 color, printed/air brushed (including the base felt color) game mat. The Standard RSBS game mat has 3 color, printed/air brushed (including the base felt color) game mat. Both of these game mats looks stunning and will greatly enhance your gladiator games.

Authenic Feel and Look:
Red Sand Blue Sky garena game mats are created to imbue an ancient, old world feel that will greatly enhance your glatitorial miniatures games.

Treated Felt Surface:
All Hotz ArtWorks mats have been treated with a deep penetrating fabric binder that not only strengthens the mat, greatly increasing it's durability, but also allows the mat to retain the felt's natural flexibility. This treatment serves to preserve the felt surface and to protect it from years of use. These mats will not pill, or fall apart from normal game play.

Great Quality Felt and Print Colors:
Any felt color we carry in stock may be used for the Gladiator Arena game mat (just ask). The two most requested felt colors are: Sand Grey and Sand Brown. Both work very well with this game mat.

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