Game Mat Dimensions:
     With 5 Inch Hexes: (Approximate) 45 x 72 Inches
     With 4 Inch Hexes: (Approximate) 36 x 57 Inches

Treated Felt Surface:
    All Hotz ArtWorks mats have been treated with a deep penetrating fabric binder that not only strengthens the mat, greatly increasing it's durability, but also allows the mat to retain the felt's natural flexibility. This treatment serves to preserve the felt surface and to protect it from years of use. These mats will not pill, or fall apart from normal game play.

Subdued Hexess and Lightly Airbrushed Surface:
    Game mat artwork and hexes are designed to be subtle, not overpowering. This means the game mat artwork won't distract you, nor your players, from the game, nor will it cause eyestrain. This allows you and your players to concentrate on what is important: your game. This game mat is available in Earth Green and Desert Brown.

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