Classic Euro Fields (left) vs Enhanced Euro Fields Mat (right)

Full-size (72 x 45 inches/183 x 114cm)
Double-size (72 x 90 inches/183 x 228cm)
Quarter-size (22 x 34 inches/56 x 86cm)
Half-size (45 x 34 inches/114 x 86cm)

    The Enhanced European Fields game mats uses more field colors than our Classic European Fields game mat. Unlike the classic version, the Enhanced version has tree/hedge lines along the field/pasture edges and also has shadows airbrushed to create the illusion of depth. This is not a mere aerial view photograph with a hex grid printed onto it. The Enhanced European Fields game mat is a stunning hand crafted work of art.
The Enhanced European Fields game mat is specifically designed for air combat games, but can be used for land based "hedge row" fighting typical of the Normandy region of France, but can also serve as anywhere in the world where fields and hedge/tree rows are common.

NOTE: The Enhanced European Fields game mat takes slightly longer to create, uses more paint and different paint colors than our Clasic European Fields game mats, and requires more precision placement of all the elements and materials needed to create this stunning game mat than our Classic European Field game mat. Therefore this game mat does cost slightly more.

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