Game Mats with 1.75 Inch Hexes and Heroscape Tiles
Photos were taken by: Michael Sugden (Vancouver, BC) and Cain O'Kray.

NOTE: Any of our game mats can have 1.75 Inch (Heroscape tile size) hexes printed onto them. A common game mat ordered for Heroscape is our Sea Blue game mat because this will save players having to use, or own, hundreds, if not, thousands of water tiles.

The hex size 1.75 Inches was chosen because its the perfect match for the Heroscape tile system Photo: Michael Sugden.

This particular game mat is a double-sided game mat with 1.75 inch hexes on both sides. Only the color base of the game mat is different. The side showing in these photos is airbrushed enhanced Desert Brown artwork. This reverse side of this game mat has been airbrushed is enhanced Green Planet artwork on Earth Green felt Photo: Michael Sugden.

Many customers who play using Heroscape tiles chose to purchase Sea Blue game mats with 1.75 inch hexes, allowing the game mat to represent water while the Heroscape tiles represent land (islands) Photo: Michael Sugden.

The best part of using a Hotz Mat with your Heroscape game tiles is that the tiles do not slide around very much. Photo: Michael Sugden

Any game mat we make can have 1.75 inch hexes (Heroscape tile size) Photo: Cain O'Kray.

Dirt Planet game mat with 1.75 inch hexes. Perfect for BattleTech games with Heroscape Tiles. Photo: Cain O'Kray

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