"48 x 48 Inch Game Mat with 6 Inch Squares"



The 48 x 48 Inch Felt Game Mat

      The 4 x 4-foot (48 x 48 inch/122 x 122 cm) felt game mat was designed after a customer's specifications. The mat is divided into printed 6 inch square areas with only the corners of the squares printed onto the mat. Roads have been air brushed onto the mat's surface. The entire surface of mat has been air brushed to give it an earthy green appearance. This mat has a boarder area measuring approximately 1 inch (25mm) around the entire edge of the mat. These game mats sell for $32.99 USD with roads and 6 inch squares, $29.99 USD with roads but without squares, $29.99 USD without roads but with 6 inch squares, or $26.99 USD without roads or squares (shipping is an additional charge).

Customer Note: "I purchased a 4x4 game mat from Eric Hotz a few months ago. I had it custom designed for PBI (Poor Bloody Infantry) but I use it for BKC (Blitzkrieg Commander) just fine. The mat is well worth what I paid for it".

NOTE: The roads shown on this mat are air brushed onto the game mat's surface. You may order a 48 x 48 Inch game mat without roads or with a different road configuration to fit your gaming needs.

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