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Bruce Weigle's 3D European rolling countryside game board with 6-15mm scale Flocked Felt Fields and 6mm Heroics & Ros miniatures.

"I received two sets of Eric's 20mm fields this week. I have to say I am really impressed with them. They look great and are very durable, plus excellent value."

Piers Brand, renown painter/modeler residing in Dublin, Ireland
Piers' Game Photos

"May I express my delight at the speed of the service and the extremely attractive appearance of the product. Highly recommended..."

Bob De Angelis

"The felt fields not only add considerable visual interest to the tabletop, but they conform nicely to the slopes beneath. You can also cut them into odd shapes..."

Stokes Schwarts LINK

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Making Multiple Flocked Felt Fields Sets LINK

"If you are ordering a mat and have some spare cash, I'd say add one of these packs, it won't let you down."

Johan Van Ooij

"I bought a set of Hotz Mats' Flocked Felt Field for 15mm play to use as sections of "soft ground" or just for pure decoration. They look good!"

Glengarry 4 (Colin Upton)
(TMP Discussion)

"They are truly nice pieces as with all of his work, of the highest quality."

Dean Motoyama (From Dean's Blog, with photos of 20-30mm scale felt field prototypes: LINK)

"I just received my order and WOW!!!!! Just an incredible product. I ordered many varies of the field sets, in different sizes and varieties. Just fantastic!!!!! S&H great as well."

Thomas M.

"You nailed it with the crops. Both myself and a buddy have them. We love them".

Ron K.

"Great stuff and great service".
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"They are AMAZING!"

Steve Vogel

"These are really, really, really good!"

K. Goldsbury

Hotz Mats' Flocked Felt Field Sets

PRODUCT:  Flocked Felt Field Sets are designed to look stunning on any game table. This product has been airbrushed, printed and flocked, and is designed to be both durable and long lasting. This product will lay flat on any game surface.

SCALE:  Flocked Felt Field Sets are available in: 6-15mm and 20-30mm scale (See photo comparisons below).

PRICE:   All Flocked Felt Field Sets are only $13 USD per set.

QUANTITY/PHYSICAL SIZE:  The 6-15mm scale Flocked Felt Field Set contains six individual field sections in four sizes. The 20-30mm scale Flocked Felt Field Set contains four individual field sections in three sizes. Total area coverage of both Flocked Felt Field Sets is approximately 22x14 inches (50x35cm).

FLOCKING/COLORS:  Each Flocked Felt Field Set comes in a mix of 4 different flocked colors: Earth Brown, Flax Yellow, Dark Green and Medium Green. Each set contains a different combination of flocking colored field sections. With the Large Single (20-30mm scale) Felt Field sections, you can choose the flocking color you need for your games.

FLEXIBILITY:  Flocked Felt Fields are flexible. They will follow a slope of a hill fairly well and still remain flat (see first three photos in the Photo Gallery). This is a very durable and versatile product.

DURABILITY:  Flocked Felt Field Sets have been treated so the flocking will not come off from normal game use.

TIME PERIOD:  Flocked Felt Field Sets can be used for any time period/era from the first cultivated fields of the neolithic period, to the terra forming colonies on Rygel 6.

ADHESION:  Flocked Felt Field Sets placed onto felt game mats will not shift/slip during game play because felt laying onto of felt acts almost like Velcro.

RESHAPING:  Flocked Felt Field Sets can easy be reshaped using a pair of sharp scissors.

CONVENIENCE:  This product is ready to use, right out of the package. No assembly, cutting or painting is required.

6-15mm scale Flocked Felt Field Sets with (L to R) 25mm, 15mm, Baccus 6mm and Heroics & Ross 6mm Scale Miniatures

20-30mm scale Flocked Felt Field Sets with (L to R) 15mm and 25mm Scale Miniatures

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