Ploughed (Plowed) Fields
This was taken from the online discussion group Fanaticus Forum posted by:
Paul A. Hannah on July 10th 2016.

Eric Donaldson and I are big fans of the Plowed Fields available from Hotz ArtWorks, just north of us in Vancouver, BC. I've done a bit of cutting and splicing of his fields to create the look of smaller, adjoining fields. I also added a very thin line of scrub that often grows between fields. (Crossing this Plough feature are some of my 15mm Mikes Models Carolingian Spearmen.) This "Plough" approaches the max size.

Big assist to my dear wife, who told me all about iron-on interfacing. Here's a reverse-side view after the interfacing was cut and ironed on. Use a scrap of thin fabric as a pressing cloth between the iron and the back of Hotz felt. This interfacing product is available at any fabric store.

Hotz Mats Flocked Felt Field Sets

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