The Enhanced Deep Space Game Mat
We had a customer request an Enhanced Deep Space game mat. The customer wanted his Deep Space mat to be 72 x 48 inches without a hex or square grid and to feature an enlarged nebula. The customer provided us with a NASA photo and from this image we made the below game mat. The price of this game mat is an additional $15.00 USD for the extra airbrushing (three times as much paint is used on this game mat when compared to a regular Deep Space game mat) and a $5.00 USD custom fee to extend the game mat from 72 x 45 inches to 72 x 48 inches. We had to purchase special paints for this game mat as some of our regular paints tended to disappear into the black felt.

The below photographs show the final custom game mat just prior to shipping it to the customer. These mats can have hex or square grids printed onto them, although the maximum size game mat with such a grid may only be 72 x 45 inches.

NOTE: This is a custom made game mat. It is also a double-sided game mat. There is a smaller nebula on the reverse side. We can create virtually any colored nebula that you may require. The above game mat was custom made for a customer who needed a Deep Space game mat with a large Red/Orange/Pink nebula.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these game mats, send us an email requesting a price quote. We will send you a price quote, including all shipping options, and if this is OK, we can send you a PayPal invoice, or you may pay via check (USA/Canadian customers only) or using an International Money Order.

Send questions, comments or suggestions to: Eric Hotz