Colin Uptons's 30mm Fenian Invasion of Canada 1866 game with Hotz Mats 2 Inch (56mm) Wide Mud Grey Felt Backed Roads on a Hotz Mats Earth Green game mat.

"In short, I love the roads! They are flexible, go with a lot of different periods and topics and easy to lay out on the table."

Hrothgar (Netherlands)

I like the look of the roads and will be placing another, larger order soon!

Alan B. (Canada)

I like them (Mud Brown and Melting Snow Roads) very, very much!

Mark Serafin (USA)

I really like the look and flexibility of the Felt Backed Roads. They really help to make my games look great.

Colon Upton (Canada)

Hotz Mats Felt Backed Felt Backed Roads

PRODUCT:  Hotz Mats Felt Backed Roads Sets are designed to look stunning on any game table. This product has been airbrushed, printed and is designed to be both durable and long lasting. This product was designed to be flexible, following the curves and hills on any game table, but will also lay flat on any game surface.

SIZES:  Hotz Mats Dirt Road Sets are available in: Half-Inch (14mm), 1 Inch (28mm) and in 2 Inch (56mm) widths.

PRICE/PRICING:   Base sets give you a good starting collection, and because of the number of road sections included in each set, you may not need to purchase more. However, individual specialized sets are available, such as extra curves, intersections, pullouts, etc. Road Base Set prices for Half-Inch Width Felt Backed Roads is only $14 USD; 1 Inch are only $18 USD, while 2 Inch Dirt Road Base Sets are only $20 USD each.

QUANTITY/PHYSICAL LENGTH:  Base sets give you between 8.9ft and 12.8ft in length of roadways (noted on purchase pages).

ROAD COLORS:  Felt Backed Roads come in two base colors: Mud Grey and Mud Brown. The road systems are also available, for winter combat games, in Wet Slush Snow and Ice Snow.

FLEXIBILITY:  Hotz Mats Felt Backed Roads system are flexible. They will follow a slope of hills and still remain flat and they are very durable and versatile.

ADHESION:  Unpaved Felt Road Sets placed onto felt game mats will not shift/slip during game play because felt laying onto of felt acts almost like Velcro.

DURABILITY:  Hotz Mats Felt Backed Roads will not fall apart. If they become creased due to improper storing, simply iron on the reverse side with a light steam setting and the product will be flat again.

LONGEVITY:  Unlike latex road systems that can become brittle with age, felt road systems can last forever, retaining their flexible, and if stored properly, will remain flat.

TIME PERIOD:  Hotz Mats Felt Backed Roads can be used for any time period/era from the first cultivated fields of the neolithic period, to science fiction.

CONVENIENCE:  This product is ready to use, right out of the package. No assembly, cutting or painting is required.

SHIPPING COSTS:  When purchasing Hotz Mats Felt Backed Roads there are only two shipping costs:

          Shipping to North America (Canada or the USA): $4           Shipping anywhere else in the world: $8

Only pay for shipping once regardless of how many road sections/sets you purchase. Shipping is FREE if you also purchase, at the same time, a game mat, flocked felt fields, or any other Hotz Mats product that already includes paid shipping.

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