"Command Mat with Flank Lines"



The Command Game Mat

      The Command Game Mat is designed for those gamers who play: Battle Cry, Command and Colors Ancients, Command and Colors Napoleonics, Memoir'44 Anticamente or similar games and want to play their games using miniatures. Our Command Game Mats will accommodate 15mm, 20mm or 28mm miniatures.

Command Game Mat are 13 hexes in length and 9 hexes in width and are available in Earth Green and Desert Brown. All game mat surfaces are lightly airbrushed to create a varied textured surface, have a darkened airbrushed boarder area, and are available with or without the two flank lines. You have the choice of two Flank Line Options, or you can order a game mat without flank lines. These game mats are available with 4 and 5 inch hexes. With 5 inch hexes, the final game mat measures approximately 45x70 inches in size, while 4 inch hexes the game mat measures approximately 36x57 inches.

NOTE: Some of the games listed above place the Flank Lines in different locations on the game board (Command and Colors Napoleonic and Command and Colors/Battle Cry places the flank lines half a hex further apart). We can place the flank lines on your game mat anywhere you want, but please check with the game you are playing to make sure you are getting the correct positioning! Note that some customers opted for no flank lines so they may make their own flank lines to match more than one type of game.

       Image of Flank Line Options

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