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Product Information

Game mats are made from high quality felt fabric.

All game mats are hand crafted. When colored artwork is applied, it is hand airbrushed. These mats can take a while to create, the the end results are stunning.

Game mats are available with silk screened 1, 1½, 1¾, 2, 3, 4 or 5 inch hexes, or 1, 2 or 4 inch squares, or without silk screened hexes/squares.

Mat size with hexes: 45 x 72 inches/114 x 183 cm (approx. 6 x 4 feet).

Mat sizes without hexes/squares: 45 x 72 inches/114 x 183 cm (approx. 6 x 4 feet) or 72 x 90 inches/183 x 228 cm (approx. 6 x 8 feet). Game mats without hexes/squares can be made slightly wider (ie 6x4 feet). See: FAQ for more information.

Hex and square grid patterns are designed to be esthetically pleasing, not overpowering, allowing you and your players to concentrate on what is important: your game.

Game mats are treated with a deep penetrating protective fabric binder that strengthens the mat's surface, while retaining it's natural flexibility. This treatment helps to prevent pilling and snags, which are common with untreated felt game mats, and also protects airbrushed artwork. Our fabric binder treatment extends the life of your game mat from everyday game playing wear. Our products are designed to last a long time.

Shipping is NOT expensive! Game mats can be shipped Folded or Rolled within North America, while Quarter size game mats (22 x 34 inch) can be shipped "Rolled" to destinations outside North America. In all cases, we try very hard to ensure that shipping is done as close to cost as possible despite fluctuations in world currencies.

Need to know how many hexes or squares are on a mat, or want to see the mat layout?
Click here: MAT FACTS

NOTE: Because felt is made of millions of short fibers, a game mat's size can change slightly during the printing, fabric binding application and trimming stages of production. Felt mats can shrink, or even expand slightly as a result. ALL sizes given are approximates and can vary slightly from the start to the final end product.

NOTE: We will contact you after we have received your order to confirm your shipping address and order information -- we contact our customers using the email address the customer used to make their (PayPal) purchase unless instructed otherwise. Please make sure you have sent us a current email address and please check your email SPAM folder -- we may have already sent you a reply. If you have special shipping instructions, please send us this information as soon as possible. And yes, we do have customers purchasing from us using PayPal email addresses that are defunct/nonfunctional. We find this very irritating, and yes, it happens too much.

Send questions, comments or suggestions to: Eric Hotz