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2-Sided Mats

Need to order a double sided game mat?   Request a Hotz Mat Price Quote

Prices shown on the below table are the additional costs to the base price of a game mat.

Example: If you needed a double-sided Sea Blue full size game mat (72 x 45 inch) with 3 inch hexes on one side and 2inch hexes on the reverse side: The base price of a single-sided Sea Blue game mat with 3 Inch Hexes is $43.99 USD. Printing a hex/square grid on the reverse side is an additional $20.00 USD. The final price of this mat is: $63.99 USD.

Buying one double-sided Sea Blue game mat with hexes on both sides costs: $63.99 USD whereas purchasing two Sea Blue game mats with hexes costs: $87.98 USD. You save $23.99 USD when purchasing a double-sided game mat. You will also save an additional $6.00 USD shipping a double-sided game mat rather than two single-sided game mats via Air Mail to the USA. This means you will save a total of $29.99 USD when purchasing a double-sided Sea Blue game mat over purchasing two single-sided Sea Blue game mats.

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   N/A: We cannot print Hexes/Squares onto double-size (90 x 72 inch) or 6x4 foot game mats at this time.

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